Hair Hero’s: Fall Red Hair and the Creators

During the Fall season, I love to rock reds, browns and blondes as hair options.  It’s just something about the leaves outside that inspire that warm feeling and change for me. Today, I’ll be showing you a couple red styles and giving you information about the brands that they come from.  I’ll be featuring one short bob wig and one straight long style wig with bangs.

Both styles are similar in color.  The short style is a 100% Human Hair lace wig while the longer is a Premium Synthetic Fiber hard front wig.  Both brands are brands that I trust and would recommend to others for their hair buying needs.  Both brands also sale hair for making wigs and creating styles to fit the desired look.


Doll House Tresses

The unit that I received from them is a face length bob cut lace wig called Spice.  The very first thing that I noticed was how soft and full the wig is once I opened the package.  The hair from this unit was customized with Virgin Straight hair and came with a 10″ lace frontal.

Of course with wearing a lace wig to get the best possible flat lay, I had to braid my own hair down underneath.  I love how easy the lace lays.  However, I did not like the adhesive that I chose as the best option to lay it.  I did use the Got 2 Be Glued method for my initial application with this unit which I find very convenient but is not lasting enough to me.

I did have to reapply the next couple days because the lace lifted and shifted back after sleeping with it on.  Thankfully there are combs and an adjustable band in it. After a couple Got 2 Be Glued applications it made the lace look gunky which was irritating to me because of the beautiful cut, texture and color of this unit.  Although I found the lace easy to clean, I recommend using an official lace glue or adhesive that allows a better hold to avoid the mess.


Other than the adhesive issue, I don’t have any complaints about the wig itself.  Even after washing the unit, the hair didn’t loose it’s softness.  It didn’t seem to dry out after  flat ironing it a few times either.  The thing I like the most is that it framed my face and had very minimal shedding.  The color of this hair has more of a “Natural Redhead” feel to it that makes it more believable.


Here’s a few facts about Doll House Tresses:

We are a Black Owned Business based in Texas.  We specialize in wigs and offer authentic mink lashes and beauty tools.  We stock hair ranging from Virgin hair bundles to raw human hair straight from donors that can be colored, bleached and straightened.  We only offer the best quality we can find to ensure that the hair lasts up to 1+ years with the proper care.

You can find Spice on the Doll House Tresses website for $225.  Just click the GREEN link.


Bobbi Boss Hair

Here’s another Fall Red option that I love too.  Porsha is a straight long blended red and burgundy premium synthetic wig.  While it doesn’t look completely natural upclose, it still has a very beautiful finish.  Most synthetic fiber wig have those super noticable weird crinkles in the strands but Porsha’s are much smaller than others.  They are very minimal in the bang area.


Synthetic wigs are also known to tangle for any given reason.  I have had this wig for about 3-4 months and have not had a problem with tangling.  I’ve only had to do normal brush outs with my wig brush and can usually run my fingers through it to make it look more uniform.

I am only “5’2” so Porsha is very long on me and extends down my back to my bottom area.  It is a full wig but I don’t find it heavy at all. This wig does have clips and an adjustable band in the back making it easy to readjust at will.  One of the things that I like most is that the burgundy has a peek-a-boo effect. One minute you see red and then BOOM…lively strands of deep reddish purple pop out!


I buy Bobbi Boss‘s wigs from local Beauty Supply and hair stores here in Houston but you can check out their website by clicking the GREEN link.  I purchased this unit for around $50.

Thank you for dropping by! -Cici


Hair Hero’s: Jose Eber Deep Conditioning Hair Mask and Clipless Curler

Super happy to have tried another Jose Eber hair tool and even more excited to have tried the Deep Conditioning Hair Masks.  This time, I tried the 32mm Clipless Curler that is currently sold for $75 online.   It comes with a hand glove to help prevent burning your hand and fingertips while using the it.  The 32 mm is perfect for creating and revamping loose waves.



I decided to try the Clipless Curler on one of my premium wigs instead of my natural hair to see if how effective it is.  Something that I have noticed about some hair tools is that all of them don’t perform the same way when it comes to synthetic and non-natural hair.  It did put the UMFFF back into my curls on this synthetic blend wig. I was a little worried because of there is no temperature setting on this curling wand.

It has a tourmaline ceramic barrel and gets up to 410* degrees.  Keep in mind that most synthetic blend hair labels DO NOT RECOMMEND temperatures over 200-300* degrees farenheit.  As a precaution, I took small pieces at a time and held them on the barrel for no longer than 20 seconds at a time.  If you decide to try this yourself please read the label and take the extra precaution to ensure that you don’t damage the hair.

Heran Park Jose Eber


So lets talk about these luxury Deep Conditioning Hair Masks now!  They come in a set of 4 for $12.99 on  What I love most is that it is an all in one hair mask.  No need to apply the product and get all  messy while trying to tuck your hair in a cap that may or may not leak.  You just unfold, put it on, tuck the hair and then tape the tab to fit your head.  Yes!  There is a sticky label that allows you to tighten the mask to help prevent conditioner from running down your face.

Of course, I did use it on my natural hair but I do see it as a usable product for a deep conditioning treatment for full human hair wigs as well.  Being that I have curly hair I wanted to test it to see how affective it is when it comes to frizziness.  The conditioning mask made my hair softer than when I normally condition it with after shampooing alone.  It also feel like it did help with my frizz over the period of the next 2-3 days before I had to re-cleanse and tame it again.



As I said above, both of these items can be purchased on the Jose Eber Hair website online.  If you decide to make a purchase be sure to use the code “CHARMAINDANIELSHAIR”  to receive 40% off on select sale products.


One last thing before you go! There’s a new tutorial to the sultry eyeshadow  look above just posted on YouTube.  I am using the newest Sultry Palette from Ananstasia Beverly Hills. Feel free to like and subscribe.