Makeup Talk: Indie Brands to try! Vol. 1

As an influencer and beauty blogger, I’ve gotten a chance to work with some great beginner brands.  I’ve also gotten multiple opportunities to try many different products.  No, they’re not as well known as big name brands on social media but they are proud of and stand by their products.  The thing I love most about indie/small brands is that they care deeply about what consumers think of their line and are always wanting to make things better as they progress.  Indie brands also have a tighter reputation when it comes to customer service.

Being that I have a smaller social platform, these brands deciding to work with me has been essential to my growth in more than one way.  They have given me tools to use, in-site on how to market products and a chance to really elevate the skills I already had.  I appreciate every last one them for taking a chance on sending me their products and letting me represent them for a moment in time.  Here are some amazing Independent Beauty brands to look up and try:

  1. Kinkii Kosmetixxx, Owner Keristan Ebeniro

Believe it or not, Kinkii Kosmetix is a an adult Subscription Box with makeup, clothing and toys.  There is a surprise in every box!  I remember thinking, ” OMG! These lipsticks!”  I loved the T-shirt and eyeshadows as well but the lipstick colors blew me away instantly.  The exotic names match everything that the brand is about.

IG: Kinkii Kosmetixxx

FB: Kinkii Kosmetix

2.  Glitter Addict, Owner Debbie Sosa

I’ve actually written about Glitter Addict before.  If you type their name in the search box above you’ll find a complete review on these amazingly affordable cosmetic grade glitter pods.  The mixes and pressed glitters work very well and look great with whatever you create.

IG: _glitter_addict

FB: Glitter Addict


3.  Revenge Cosmetics, Owner Kiara Lane

IG: @revengecosmetics1_

FB: Revenge Cosmetics LLC

Michigan born beauty brand that has some really great lip formulas.  My favorites are the matte liquid lipsticks.  They stay on forever!  They last for hours at a time even with eating and drinking.  The pigments are great, easy to remove when intended and have great quality.  I have gotten a lot of complements on this brand’s strip lashes in “Glowing.”

I will be back next week with more Indie Brands that you beauty lovers should know about! As always you can email me about these brands and reach Heran Park on social media. Click the social icons in the top left corner of the page.  Thanks for dropping by!


Makeup Talk: Too Faced Tutti Frutti Collection

Everyone that follows me knows how much I love Too Faced Cosmetics.  Needless to say, I am all for this new Tutti Frutti Collection.  If you remember a few weeks back I gave you guys an overview of what was to come from this brand’s collection.  I got the Razzle Dazzle Berry Eyeshadow Palette, the Dew You Foundation in the shade Honey and one Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glaze in the shade Show Me Your Coconuts. Ulta Beauty also gave me an o’ so cute tote bag for spending $40 on the brand.

Tutti Frutti C. Daniels Heran Park

The two palettes available from the collection are said by the company, to have a new eyeshadow formula.  I can tell the difference compared to previous palettes.  The matte pigments are even more velvety than the ones in the Just Peachy Mattes Palette. The shimmers have more of a Morphe palette feel and the glitter mixes glide on without having to use a glitter adhesive.  I don’t know what angle Too Faced was going for but they nailed the formulas for these palettes.

The Dew You foundation is very impressive!  I am not a huge fan of dewy finish formulas but this one actually surprised me. It is full coverage to me based on me having melasma.  It covered the majority of the area with no problem in two layers and didn’t turn gray on top of it without color correcting first.  As far as long-wear goes,  I would say it lasts about 3-4 hours on my combination skin before it has to be re-patted with setting powder or set again with spray.

I was recently asked by a follower what I thought about the foundation’s oxidation properties.  I did not experience oxidation but it does dry down.  It closely reminds me of Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filt’r Foundation in that way.  Once it settles, it shows it’s true pigmentation and beautiful finish.


I did not purchase the setting spray because of the micro fine glitter in it.  Initially, I did make plans to but after I tried it inside Ulta Beauty I opted out because I hate all over glitter looks.  It gets messy and gets on my clothes.  I just thought it may end up looking even more dewy than I prefer, which I’m sure was the idea behind this Dew You setting Spray. I think this setting spray is a fun touch but is more for someone that either lives by glitter or wants a super dewy look.

The smell of this foundation is amazing!  It smells like watermelon and cucumber.  Your face winds up smelling like a piece of candy and I don’t mind at all.  I used Too Faced Primed and Peachy Matte Primer to cover my pores and help prevent extra oil from mixing with the foundation.  I didn’t use the Hangover Primer because I needed something for the foundation to stick to and stay in place.


The Lip Glaze is something that was surprising as well.  Compared to other Too Faced glosses I think this formula may be the perfect in between formula.  I enjoy that it isn’t as thick as the Latex versions and not as thin as the Oil lip glosses they’ve put out.  The pigment is equally great and look to be all year round wearable.

Based on the items that I got, I have to give the products a 9 out of 10 for this collection. I love everything that I got but the eyeshadow palettes are over priced (to me) based on only getting 7 colors compared to their other current palettes with more variety.  Not saying that the palettes aren’t worth $34 just that they don’t give $30+ vibes.  The new formula may be the sole reason for the price along with the super sturdy packaging. Being that I am a fan,  I had to have one anyway. My love for Too Faced Cosmetics never seems to end.