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Health Finds: Let’s talk Probiotics

What are Probiotics? Probiotics are GOOD live bacteria that can be taken from fermented foods/drinks and yogurts to promote your overall health.  They are microorganisms geared toward helping your immune and digestive system directly.  I started taking probiotics over a year ago to help with regulation and digestive issues.  One difference that I noticed after a … Continue reading Health Finds: Let’s talk Probiotics

Current Favorite Affordable Primers

Since I have combination skin with occasional dry patchiness, I tend to lean toward the smoother, pore filling types of primers. My skin is also sensitive to different chemicals and ingredients found in foundations. I haven’t quite figured out which ones yet but every time I didn’t use a primer in the past or forgot … Continue reading Current Favorite Affordable Primers

Everyday Essence Organics & Natural Skincare

Here is a skincare combo that those with eczema, dry skin and hyper-pigmentation should know about and consider. Lots of beauty lovers have heard of skincare essences but don’t know about the benefits. I’ll be explaining the benefits of using these particular products and touching on the antibacterial properties associated with them. The best part … Continue reading Everyday Essence Organics & Natural Skincare

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