Makeup Revolution London’s Ultra Strobe Balm Palette conquers a new “Glow”

As a beauty enthusiast, I was floored by the new trend of highlighting, also called strobing, your face to get glowing skin. Most brands retail a one color option usually in gold, rose gold or a fluorescent white. Fewer makeup brands have come out with a three color option ranging in price from $20-$35 or more. After seeing countless renditions of “Glow” makeup tutorials using the same products I began looking for something different. Boy did I find it!

Makeup Revolution retails a very affordable product line and is known in the makeup world for duping high-end palettes. But I have not found this palettes twin yet! Walking in Ulta beauty store and seeing this palette caught me by surprise. Instantly, I was amazed by what I found! This palette has eight Strobe colors that vary from two different pinks, peach, purple, green, blue, orange and yellow.

With all these colors, your options for makeup looks this Spring and Summer open new doors for modern non traditional makeup Artists. This isn’t just your regular dust-on highlight in powder form. It’s a Strobe Balm comparable to the texture of lip balm. It goes on easy and has a relentless, cosmic glow. The cherry on top… this palette is only $15! ​​

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