#1 Primer for flawless Makeup across the US

I’m sure all beauty enthusiasts have heard of Smashbox Cosmetics at some point… This brand not only has quality foundations, eyeshadow palettes, liners, etc. they also hold the miracle key to flawless foundation applications. Smashbox has a variety of primers to choose from based on your skin type needs.

The Photo Finish Primer has been voted #1 across the U.S. by makeup artists, makeup lovers and the general makeup community. It has beat out every other face Primer on the market. It has a super silky texture and has even been rumored to work on frizzy hair!

This Photo Finish Primer ranges from $16-$50 depending on size. Your local Sephora and Ulta stores carry trial sizes and the Try it Kit that has different primers from the Smashbox line for $25 for you to try out! If you want Award winning high quality flawless Finish makeup, you’ll need to put this in your #facestash! Order directly from Smashbox.com

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