This Matte Bronzer is the The Balm! (Cosmetics, that is)

Feast your eyes on this! I finally was able to lay hands on this Bahama Mama Matte Bronzer from The Balm Cosmetics.  It was sold out on their website and at every Kohl’s store that I walked into. It has sold out in stores several times and makeup artists are raving about this Bronzer all over YouTube.

I had to see what all the hype was about. Every time I went into a Kohl’s, the store only had the display Bronzer available for me to make a decision on whether or not this would be a purchase. After purchasing The Balm’s Photo Balm Powder foundation and the NudeTude eyeshadow palette I needed to try this Matte Bronzer. If the Bahama Mama Bronzer was anything like my previous buys it would be great!

It is a beautiful tanned brown shade. It retails for $20 and holds a little over 7g. It is perfect for light to medium brown tones and is sure to give you a naturally toasted summertime at the beach look. The powder is not chalky or too loose. If you’re looking for cheeky summer neutral Glam, I highly suggest you check out this versatile Matte Bronzer. I find it looks amazing alone or with your favorite shimmer blush or highlight. Pssst… It can also be used as a transition shade for eyeshadow looks.

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