Pro MUA Rosemary Aliu

A few months into my journey through
the makeup world, I unofficially met one of the most charismatic Pro MUA’s I’d come across on social media. What drew me to watch & learn from Rosemary was the fact that she is not today’s typical “One Look” color change MUA. She definitely has a way of keeping her audience guessing with her courageous creativity. She has no style or color barriers and is hard to categorize.

With whichever look Rosemary does, there’s always an encouraging message to others. Her confidence pushes confidence into her viewers. The tutorials are easy to follow and you can tell that she genuinely wants her followers to learn. Beyond Rosemary’s skill set, you’ll see that she’s continuously working on her craft. That is one of her qualities that I admire the most!

After speaking to Rosemary I found that she’s Nigerian and lives in the U.K. and started taking makeup seriously about 5 years ago. Although she’s 5,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean I’m still hopeful that one day we’ll meet & I’ll get the chance to let her bless my eyelids with one of her glitter Queen creations.

On Facebook she’s Rosemary Aliu
On Instagram she’s @makeupbyrosiix

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