Subculture Palette is a Hit for me!

Ok… I have to say that I wasn’t totally disappointed with this purchase. There are some pros & cons to it still but the pigment is great. I was extremely skeptical about making this purchase because of all the negative reviews it got from YouTubers & Beauty lovers. I swatched it inside Ulta to see how the texture would react against skin. I was surprised to see that these eyeshadow’s didn’t crumble or disintegrate.

In my opinion, the Subculture palette is just as dusty as it’s sister palette, Modern Renaissance. I remember thinking about all the fly away powder as I used the Modern Renaissance palette for the first time as well. There are similarities to both of their textures and qualities. One of the key differences in the textures of a couple pigments is that two of the colors, Electric & Adorn, in Subculture have heavy mica.

Some of the pigments are clearly less bonded than others making them feel softer but the colors are very easy to blend out. I would be lying if I said there was no fallout but not nearly as much as in the previous reviews I’ve seen. I still find the pigments enjoyable and wearable. These colors can be worn year round as with the colors in the Modern Renaissance palette.

Here’s one eyeshadow look I’ve created so far. I’ll add more as I use it again because as you may have guessed, it’s a keeper for me. Keep in mind that both pics were taken at two different times of the day in sunlight.

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