August’s Ipsy Glam Bag

What I love about Ipsy is that this company always finds some  way to connect to their customers.  This month’s bag was themed “Good Vibes Only.”  I loved the spiritual and positive theme  this sampler gave.  The makeup bag I received is my favorite out of all the Glam bags I’ve gotten so far.  The colors and the message  with gold glitter just did it for me.

I was most impressed by the full size double blush compact from  Pacifica Beauty.  The double doesn’t appear to be available on their website together but the two colors Beaming & Tenderheart are sold separately.  “Beaming” is a beautiful light tan-ish brown described as a terracotta while “Tenderheart” is more of a soft neutral pink described as a mauve. The duo can be found on other sites for $10-$12.

I also received a sample tube of Marc Anthony’s Strictly Curls Curl Cream which smells pretty good!  Being that I have a few products similar to it already, it probably will not be a purchase for me but it did make my curls soft and fluffy like I like them. The three remaining products I received were from The Balm CosmeticsGlamour Dolls, and Aurora Cosmetics.

I will always be a fan of The Balm Cosmetics!  I had already tried the eyeshadow “Willkommen” & loved it.  I had received a  brush before from Glamour Dolls and found out quickly that their synthetic blending brushes work very well.  I plan on purchasing a set in the very near future because I did not experience any hair fallout from either of the two I have in my arsenal so far.  Beyond that they are extremely easy to clean and dry quickly.

Last but not least, the Aurora concealer in Caramel was all wrong for me.  I think it was improperly named as well. This concealer was almost a dark beige or khaki color and did not resemble any thing close Caramel to me.  It was really thick in formula and hard to blend out.  I almost thought that I got an old one on accident because it actually rubbed my foundation right off as I tried to blend it in.

Altogether, I loved the theme of August’s Glam Bag! It was more natural and neutral everyday greatness.  I give it 3 stars but I love the fact that I keep getting single eyeshadow samples and brushes from Ipsy.  Hang tight I will be back soon with a review on September’s Glam bag.


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