Too Faced Cosmetics Peaches & Cream collection!


The Peaches & Cream Collection is all the warmth you’ll need for the fall season! The Just Peachy Matte Palette is the perfect combination of neutral to rich reddish brown tones.  I cannot wait to do a full video tutorial on these products.  I’ve created two eyeshadow looks so far and I have to say I am absolutely in love with the way these pigments blend together.  I plan to create at least five different everyday to  nighttime drama looks with this palette seeing that it so versatile. It retails for $45.

I haven’t had the chance to purchase the Primed and Peachy Primer or the Peach Mist Mattifing Spray but I intend to soon along with a few others from this line.  However, the Peach Perfect Matte Setting powder ($32) has changed my view on how I previously felt about setting powders currently on the market right now.   What I like most is that it’s a peach color instead of white or yellow.  White powders tend to make me look ashy and yellow powders tend to give me a horrible contrast being that I have some reddish gold undertones.

The matte setting powder not only smells great but it actually does it’s job.  I have combination skin so I set my face before and after applying foundation to  lock in oil.  This powder is extremely fine and I have no problems using it with other foundations and concealers from other lines.  It definitely works on top of the Peach Perfect foundation ($36) that I bought in the color Honey.  This matte foundation is not my exact match but is passable to me as a neutral color.

Last but not least, the Bronzed Peach Bronzer ($30) and the Peach Kiss Matte long-lasting Lipstick in the color Sex on the Peach ($21) will definitely be repurchases for me.  I chose the Bronzed Peach Bronzer over the Sweetie Pie Bronzer ($30) because it is a deeper brown shade.  It has a bit of a gold sparkle to it which is a plus for me because I can cut out putting on another highlighter product if I’d like.

The Sex on the Peach Lipstick is one of my current faves right now.  The formula is creamy without having that melting effect like some other brands of matte lipsticks.  To test it I wore it alone and it lasted between snacks and drinks for around 5hrs.  I was most impressed by the way it stayed in place without drying out and flaking off.

I expect to put a full tutorial and review by the end of the first week of October on my YouTube channel @Cici Heran Park

Click this link to check out Too Faced Cosmetics 

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