Too Faced Cosmetics for Fall!



As the Fall season approaches I get ready to transition into deeper tones and shades on my lids, cheeks and lips.  My routine shifts a bit and moisturizer becomes more important.  My skin care becomes even more important to me because I get more dry in the cool and cold season.  I look for a light shade of matte or demi matte foundation due to my face and neck loosing its tan.  This year my trusted brand of choice is the Too Faced Cosmetics Peaches & Cream collection!

The foundation is easy to work with for me and can easy be transformed into a demi matte finish when paired with right primer or topical highlight.  The Bronzed Peach bronzer is a perfect cool season dewy add-on that provides a bit of shimmer without looking greasy.  It can also be worn on the lids.  The reason I trust these products now is because every way I’ve tried to wear them has impressed me.

This range of deep colored long-lasting lip products is all I need for an everyday subtle but neutral glam look.  I can easily transform into a vampy day or night grunge look.  Yes! I am one of those people who can and will wear grunge anytime of the day or night and make it look like its supposed to be worn that way.

My shade, as you know if you’ve been reading my blog, is Honey in the Peach Perfect Foundation.  I purchased it in early August when it shelves at Sephora.  It was initially a shade or two too light at the time but seems to be getting to the point where it’s blending well with my current face color.  I currently top it with my Winter shade of powder foundation to get it to stay  and look more flawless as far as color goes.

The products used in this photo are:

Too Faced Cosmetics

  • Peach Perfect Foundation-Honey
  • Just Peachy Mattes Palette
  • Bronzed Peach Bronzer
  • Melted Mattes-Drop Dead Red
  • Just Peachy Matte Setting Powder


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