Fall Giveaway Sneak Peek!!!!

I wanted to do something fun but not cheesy for my first makeup giveaway.  I wanted to give back to the people who have supported me throughout the last 6 months.  These people on social media have kept me going and consistently encouraged me along my journey.  I have a lot of beginners in makeup that are rooting for me and as a way of showing them support back for the love they show to me, I feel like I should do a great “starter” giveaway.

I am almost done collecting the items for this gift bag!  Originally, I wanted to feature the newest palette from Juvia’s Place- The Saharan II Palette but I opted out on this palette when I found out Morphe was dropping a new eyeshadow pallete. The 3502 Second Nature Palette is a beautiful palette with reds, oranges, burgundies, rich browns and different golds.  I feel as though this palette speaks to the Fall season.


To be completely honest, I only ordered one for the giveaway and did not order myself one.  I had my eyes on few other Morphe palette’s so I finally ordered those.  When I opened it last night to see what it looks like in person I gasped!  I was not expecting this palette to be so beautiful. I cannot wait to see someone bomb a makeup look using this palette.

I announced on my Facebook page, Heran Park, that the giveaway details will be posted on Monday, October 30, 2017.  I will be adding eyeshadow brushes, eyeshadow primer/concealer and two pair of my current favorite eyelashes to this giveaway.  I wanted to make sure that no matter who won they’d be able to use this palette no matter the skin tone.  I also wanted them to have a complete eye look and plenty of colors to play in for the Fall season.

So good luck to all and thank you to everyone who shows me support.  Stay tuned and check back in with me right here on The Heran Park Beauty Commodity page on the 30th for entry information on this Giveaway.



2 thoughts on “Fall Giveaway Sneak Peek!!!!

  1. Well! I’m so excited that you are pursuing a career that makes you happy and gives you the ability too show others as well. It’s not always easy trying to pick and choose what you as an individual at this day and age really enjoy doing. I can tell that this is something that keeps you going. As many others as well as myself appreciate your creativity your tips as well as you’re in braces. Little do you know that every time I log on and get the chance to view your work or other people’s work that you give credit two it excites me to see you guys’s work. I’m really infatuated with the techniques as well as colors that you blend together. The products you use scene to be amazing. I have my picks and chooses on different makeup products but the ones I have learned about from you seem to really catch my eye. I like the way you give the different products a try. The best makeup products that are really intriguing to me the are eyeshadows you use. The bronzers especially the neutral colors. The foundations by whomever are always a good look. The eyelashes vs mascara really set the eye off. These hot topic lipsticks are always great with your skin tone and of course the brushes. They’re awesome and always On Point! So little do you know that I am a fan and I want you to know that I support you through it all.

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