Six Eyeshadow Looks using The Clover Palette from Too Faced Cosmetics


I was so happy to make this purchase from Too Faced Cosmetics.  I had been anticipating them dropping this palette for a while now.  It sold out on its release day but I was able to get it as soon as it was available again on their website.  The shipping was crazy fast! I ordered it on an early Tuesday morning and received it on that following Thursday at my door step.  The packaging looked so much prettier in person.  It was so colorful and had a certain “extra fun” type of attraction to me.

So far, I have created six eyeshadow looks using it and have done one eyeshadow tutorial for one of them.  To me, the possibilities are endless! I even paired this palette with other Too Faced shades from their other eyeshadow palettes.  The only thing I was disappointed about was that they did not give this palette a smell. When I thought about it again, that may have been weird to come up with because it’s themed after the companies favorite dog.

The names of the individual shades are so festive.  My favorite color in this palette is Good Boy.  It is a kind of matte canary yellow that blends way better than most other yellow pigments I’ve used from other companies in the past.  All other yellow shades I have tried have been highly chalky and take quite a bit of effort to blend.  I enjoyed using this palette every time I touched it and had no problem with colors blending or showing up without using a white base.

This palette is well worth the purchase price of $49.  There are 18 shades in this palette that range between duo chrome, matte, to shimmer to matte with glitter and can all be worn to complement another shade.  I have just about used every color in it with the exception of two.  I am sure I will very soon at the rate I am currently going.  If you click the link below to the right for Too Faced Cosmetics it’ll take you right to their site to have  a look for yourself or purchase. Here are the looks I have created so far.

Click the YouTube tutorial here> Too Faced Clover Palette Tutorial

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