Huda Beauty’s Newest Lip Strobe Sets


First, I’d like to take a quick moment to recognize the super cute packaging. It just looks so real and the tin makes a great decoration for your beauty room or vanity.  If you take the foam display out it becomes reuseable for storing other small items.  I find these Contour and Strobe lip sets very affordable at $25.  Inside you will find one lip liner, one liquid matte color and one strobe gloss.

This is a great way to try a variety of Huda Beauty’s Lip products all at once.  All the products included can be worn alone.  The lip liner is the first step to using these strobe sets. It acts as a base for the actual liquid matte color and helps it last longer.  The lip pencil is creamy and dries a little after about thirty seconds.  It still feels soft, doesn’t flake and is very pigmented.

The second step is to add the liquid matte color.  I find Huda’s Matte Liquid lippies more liquidy than other matte lipstick brands.  The liquid matte takes longer than most others I’ve tried to dry as well.  You definitely don’t want to apply the strobe gloss directly after putting on the matte color because you’ll rub the matte off in that area.  I really enjoy how this brand’s version of a liquid lippy glides on and that they don’t change color once they dry.

The third and final step is adding the strobe gloss on top of the matte.  Either you can concentrate it in the middle of your lips to give a bright ombre’ affect or put it all over.  If you decide to put it all over, the strobe gloss will affect how the color underneath is seen.  Although I do not care to wear this much product on my lips, I have to admit that it did not feel heavy or sticky.

The set I tried is called Silverfox.  I am a sucker for grey toned lip products so this was right up my alley for the holiday season.  There is a total of five options in these contour and strobe sets on Huda Beauty’s website.  They are also  available at Sephora in all of the same color sets.

Here are a few pics of what Silverfox looks like on me. You may can also check out my mini tutorial here -> Huda Beauty’s Contour & Strobe Lip Set Tutorial

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