Kat Von D’s Saint & Sinner Palette Review



I have had a ridiculous amount of fun so far using this palette!  I began following Kat Von D when I found the show “L.A. Ink.”  I instantly loved Kat because of how talented she is when it comes to body art.  Her amazing skill in tattooing was a goal for me.  I have done tattoo’s since I was 16 years old and it was so intriguing to find another female artist with her caliber of talent. One day, I plan to get to California and get tattooed by Kat.

I did not buy her Saint & Sinner eyeshadow palette just because she is an inspiration to me.  I bought it because of the color range.  There are matte’s, shimmer’s and shimmer glitter shades in this palette.  Something that stands out to me is that there are enough different shades to create an eyeshadow look for however you feel that day.  The cathedral themed packaging really sticks out on shelves.

All of the colors are easy to blend and a quite a few of them can paired for a simple eyeshadow look.  The seem to smoothly transition to me.  It is definitely worth $62, in my opinion, for 24 high quality eyeshadow shades.  I was skeptical at first because I did not know what to expect from the pigments.  Some of the colors included in this palette are usually quite chalky when put out by other brands.  Especially, the lime green, orange and purple matte shades.  I was very surprised to see that these were not.

I haven’t seen some of these colors from any other company so far.  I really enjoy using this palette. You can swatch and purchase this palette in person at Sephora  and Kat Von D Beauty!   Here are a few of the eyeshadow looks I’ve done so far.




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