Why aren’t you Bundling Beauty Buys?


I am always looking for the next best thing, as well as, a great deal! As a blogger, I always need new things to try but trying things all the time is expensive! I have learned to keep an eye out for “Bundled Brands” at Sephora and Ulta.   I also watch different brand’s sites for price drops so that I can try new (to me) products at a cheaper price.

Lately, I’ve found myself at Sephora purchasing brand collabs in the Sephora Favorites Collection. I have been able to try so many new product releases along with other brand products I knew of but never tried.  What I like most about these Sephora Favorites Bundles is that you’ll always get at least one full size item.  I usually calculate the savings and compare before I make  a purchase.


For example, the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Highlighter Mini in the photo above is listed at $19 at Sephora.  I would not pay $19 for almost a third of product for half price when the full size is listed at $38.  For this entire bundle I paid $32 at Sephora inside JC Penney.  The Ciate London Dewy Stix is $26 (full size) and the Lancome Click & Glow Highlighting Skin Fluid Pen is $22.  The combined price of the full sized products exceeds the price of the entire bundle at $32.  This is a win to me! Everything else is icing on the cake.

I usually look for deals that allow me to explore more than one product at a time, same brand or not. I will say that not all of the bundles are access able from Sephora online or their store front.  Some of these Sephora Bundles are only available at Sephora inside JC Penney.  I go there often to check for new bundles in person because these Sephora JC Penney Bundles are not advertised on Sephora.com.

I can’t leave Ulta out!  Ulta’s site is pretty much the same, as far as, inventory goes in store and online.  They do give great deals on drugstore brands, smaller INDY company’s products and their brand of makeup.  The big brand deals are usually pre packaged from the individual companies. When they do have a sale on big brand makeup it’s about the same as Sephora’s sale on the same items.  They usually issue some sort of coupon monthly which helps and your points with them turn into a money that can be used like a rebate or coupon.

One other option I encourage is makeup subscription’s.  This is a proven way to bundle “want to try” products and pay way less than you would purchasing mini’s, deluxe samples and full sized products from Beauty Stores. Although you don’t get to choose the brands or products you’re sent, you do get to narrow down what kind of products you’d like to try. I am currently subscribed to Ipsy and Sephora Play.

Bundling has saved me hundreds of dollars a month as a Beauty enthusiast. I have gotten several different full sized products for way less then what they retail and do not plan on changing that anytime soon! I always have a back up plan when I run out of my Go-To’s. I have continued to keep something “New” in my stash while saving a dollar or 10!

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