Great Collab’s: L’Oreal x Balmain Color Riche Lipstick

I am already a huge fan of L’Oreal Paris.  I have loved this brand since I was a teen and this is still one of my top three drugstore brands.  I was excited to see this collaboration with Balmain Paris. If L’Oreal was a high fashion clothing and accessory line, I truly believe that their line would have a very similar representation on the runway and in fashion magazines.

First, let me say that this collection is very impressive!  I was floored by the fact that Balmain and L’Oreal put out twelve colors that kept true to the designer’s vision.  If you follow Balmain Paris on any social or fashion outlet you’d see what I am referring to as far as the design and color selection goes. Of course I wanted to try each and every one of the shades available but so far I’ve only tried four shades.


So let’s talk about the casing…When I saw these lipsticks in person at Ulta Beauty Store, I had to have them! I had already read about the release online and was expecting them but they actually look better in person.  The lipstick cases give a very classic kind of vintage feel and the smell even reminds me of the way lipstick originally smelled when I was a teenager.  The lipstick cases come in a marble like blue, black and green hard case with gold trim.  Seems like the perfect complement to one of Balmain Paris’ designer handbags.

On to the formula…Compared to the MAC brand of lipstick, which is held in high ranks among the beauty community, have a similar feel with a slight elevation.  I will admit that I actually liked this formula better because of it’s staying power.  It’s moisturizing yet still stays in place and doesn’t slide right off when eating and drinking. The pigment is great! Even the “Confidence” shade with the glitter flecks in it stayed in place and did not wind up flying all over my mouth area.

These lipsticks retail for $13.99 and up depending on where you purchase them from. They are available online at the L’Oreal website, Ulta Beauty store locations and online, Neiman Marcus and some other drugstores.  They are currently buy two, get one free at Ulta Beauty right now! Great deal if you’re wanting to try a few different shades.  Well worth the price and a great introduction to L’Oreal’s Color Riche line launch that I’m also excited about because I find the formula to be high quality and I definitely want more shades.


Shades in the top picture are Legend and Fever. Bottom picture are Power and Confidence. The color on my lips below is Power.


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