Bold is the New Beautiful in the Makeup Community!

Faye Stevens on Facebook @msmakeupfaye on Instagram

In my journey, so far, I have noticed the up rise in bold makeup looks among freelance makeup artists worldwide.  Traditional glam makeup will always be a classic “go-to” method but it seems that non traditional is the new norm in the beauty community.  More and more, I am seeing the most amazing, intense, highly detailed makeup art on the regular.  You cannot help but notice the frequency in using bold lips, eyes, lashes and highlights.

I have seen the demand of more color variety from cosmetic companies skyrocket over the last 2-3 years.  Nyx, Morphe, MAC & Makeup Revolution London are some of the most colorful cosmetic brands on the market right now.  They have loyal customers and a very high buzz in the beauty community’s talk-about sessions.  It seems like the creators of these high demand products have a way of pushing their consumers creative ability to new levels with every release.

Kiara Talbert on Facebook @kiagrams on Instagram

Everyday,  I am astonished by what I see from self taught makeup geeks and gurus on social media platforms showcasing their skills.  Anyone that follows makeup knows the exact feeling to be wowed by what these people are able to paint on their faces.  Normal eyeshadow has been taken up quite a few notches. I do not predict to see a fall in using these techniques anytime soon.

Vanessa Quintanilla on Facebook on Instagram

I would never claim that traditionally trained artists lack in contribution to creativity, just that freelancers and social media gurus have a certain creative dominance.  Many styles surpassed “trend” like cut creases, half cut creases, halos, multi colored blend outs, just to name a few…  We keep witnessing the perfection in using more than 3-4 colors in one look at a time.

Makeup is no longer just a luxury or special events situation.  Beauty magazines are changing, fashion makeup is constantly evolving and freelance makeup artists are leading the way.  Freelancers have set the tone for creative face art in the makeup world.  Makeup companies are definitely noticing their boldness and expanding their views on who they collaborate with to help them represent their products.

Amanda Dowdell @glitterandfakeeyelashes on Instagram
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3 thoughts on “Bold is the New Beautiful in the Makeup Community!

  1. Thanks for highlighting “The Bold & The Beautiful”( made me think of yhe soap opera I watched as a child):)
    Many MUA/MUE like myself are afraid to try new things but this blog was encouraging & informative. Looking forward to getting “outside the box” with spring & summer on the horizon. Now let me go work on my Cut Crease for hooded eyes -xoxo


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