If you Support Heran Park, Thank You!

 As a Thank You for supporting my journey through the Beauty World, I wanted to make sure that I give back.  Here is how to enter the giveaway!

  1. Find a BLOG post beneath this one to read. If you’re using the mobile view, click on the main site at the top to view the whole site or find Previous Post at the bottom. Make sure you click on the Title to open the full post. It should light up green when you click it.
  2. Go back to the Facebook and find the post that says “Giveaway Preview” at the top! ( This is key for the next steps!)
  3. Comment under the #kit picthat you’d like to win ONLY!
  4. Tell me in your comment which BLOG post (TITLE) you read & then suggest a new topic or product you’d like me to blog about next.
  5. Go to the “IF YOU SUPPORT HERAN PARK, THANK YOU!” post on Facebook and comment DONE!

Any NON-Group Members Supporter can enter for one kit.  Your name will be put into the drawing if all of the steps are completed. You will not be notified if you did it incorrectly to be fair to everyone participating in this giveaway.  Please double check to make sure you followed the directions. You do NOT have to subscribe, like or share these blog posts as part of the entry.  This is NOT a promotional giveaway, however, you are much appreciated if you subscribe to this blog. It is a great way to get notified for future giveaways. A redraw will go into effect if the prize is not claimed within 24hr of notification.

***Group Members of #BLENDGANG***

You automatically get two chances to win one of these prizes! Complete these steps under your first choice of the #kit pics.  Hashtag #BLENDGANG under your second choice to let me know you’re a group member.  In the event that your name is drawn twice, you may have first pick out of the two prizes if they are still available.

*Reminder: All supporters will be verified! This is NOT a public giveaway so please do NOT share the giveaway information.  This post will be archived when the entry time closes. Anyone that tries to act as a GROUP MEMBER without being one will be disqualified and BLOCKED without warning.  If a special situation occurs, we will vote at that time how to handle it.

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