Two of ALMAY’s Newest Releases!

Honestly, Almay was just another one of those brands that I passed up in the cosmetics section.  Before this, I remember thinking that ALMAY lacked in advertising and did not have a “stand out” display in stores causing them to be looked over.  After accepting a campaign from their line I knew that I needed to do some research to see if there were any new products.  When I recieved my free samples I was kind of suprised because I had not seen this foundation yet in stores near me.

img_1928What also stood out to me is the innovation to the packaging.  The first brand that I saw add a beauty sponge to the end of the bottle as an applicator was Revlon with their Insta Filter foundation.  The difference is that Almay’s version is a squeeze bottle while Revlon’s is a twist up.  I think adding the beauty sponge is a brilliant way to cut down on using so many beauty sponges when applying makeup. However, it was still questionable.

I do not see this product as Makeup Artist friendly but I can see it as a personal use product.  You can opt out on using the sponge daily but you cannot prevent the inevitable of getting it dirty.  The sponge does in fact blend well but my only concern would be consistantly reusing a dirty sponge until you complete the bottle. Of course you can sanitize it but you will not be able to clean it thouroughly without watering down the foundation inside.

As far as the formula goes, I like it!  The foundation is very  light-weight and has a very healthy, supple, light coverage look.  I was sent two colors, Natural Tan and Caramel.  Neither of the two shades were a match for me and there is no in between shade so I had to mix them to get a better match. I wish there was more of a variation in shades because this is where the line transitions to deeper tones but there aren’t very many to choose from. There’s a huge jump in color from Natural Tan to Caramel.

Check out the shades for yourself at and their latest adds to their line. This foundation can also be purchased at Target, Walgreens, Ulta and several other locations.  Another product that I discovered was their Make Them Jelly Highlighters exclusively sold at Ulta as a limited edition item.  Let me know what you think below.

*The two foundations were sponsored by Crowdtap and Almay. Highlighter was  bought out of pocket. Blog Review was not required as apart of the campaign and content is completely true to my own opinion and experiences with the product.

5 thoughts on “Two of ALMAY’s Newest Releases!

  1. Thanks for sharing :) It’s always a bummer when good products are poorly designed. I’d be worried about the cleanliness of the sponge too – just like the Maybelline instant rewind concealer which is amazing but also has a built-in sponge applicator. But this still seems like a great product to try!!

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  2. Thanks for this honest review. I personally had “forgotten” about Almay due to lsck of mainstream advertising. The spongetip is definitely a No-go the reasons listed are also why I do not like “beauty blenders”. Looking forward to more honest feedback, thanks

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