#MeTime is Important!

So how do you get your relax on? It is so good to just kick your feet up and relieve all the stress of the day.  For me,  I have to unwind with candles and a bubble bath.  A great body soak and deep pore cleaning for my face usually does the trick.


Yardley London‘s English Lavender is one of most relaxing scented bar cleansers I have tried so far.  I really love the way it smells.  This company now makes eight different scented bars of soap at a really affordable price between $1-$1.50 a bar.  They are sold at local drug, food and chain dollar stores nationwide. The bath soaps, hand soaps and body washes are made with essential oils, are paraben and sulfate free.

After a long day at work, especially during summer I detoxify my pores at least 3 times a week because of sweat.  There is so much pollution in the air during this season and in 100 degree weather, you want to pay little more attention to your pores.  Because we’re sweating through our pores we tend to think that the dirt is being washed away.  The truth is, when we wipe our face or the skin dries after sweating the dirt settles wherever it is.


Charcoal masks are very beneficial when trying to pull out impurities.  I prefer them over any other kind of mask to get a deep clean.  I mostly use the cream versions but I will opt for a sheet mask.  The two brands that I recommend at an afforadable price it Masked Beauty’s Purifing Charcoal and Diamond mask (Albertson’s and Randalls @$7.99) and the YesTo Charcoal Paper Mask (Target and Walmart @$2.50+).


The most important part of relaxing and unwinding is creating the right atmosphere for you.  Aromatherapy can change your mood instantly.  Bath & Body Works is just one of those stores that has all of your smell good needs.  All of their candles are amazing on any occasion but I really love their Aromatherapy collection.  Don’t forget to grab a bodywash for bubbles as well!


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