Luxury Lash Subscription anyone? Lashes for $1

I have fallen in love with Dollar Lash Club! This monthly subscription from their Basic Bee’s collection is one of my packages that I cannot wait to get in the mail. They have some of the best luxury mink strip lashes that I have tried hands down. Each of the three styles included in this selection is $1! Each month I get three pair, one of each style for $3 plus tax and shipping, which brings it to about $8-$9!

  Basic Bee’s: Robyn, Kylie and Scarlett

Scarlett is my absolute favorite pair but when I want something a little natural I go with Robyn.  Kylie is my go to on days that I can’t decide because they give me both natural with a little edge.  As far as the wear goes, I really don’t think anyone will be let down.  I can wash and reuse these throughout the month a few times without the hair falling out.  They have very minimal shedding and fallout.

I recommend these lashes to anyone that wants to save a few bucks on lashes and get great quality at the same time.  There is a link below so you can check the other two options available with the subscription, Housewives ($4) and Drama Queen ($7)!

Here are few pictures of what they look like while wearing them!

Scarlett in picture below!


Please check out this link for more information on this brand and available products!

Dollar Lash Club Subscription


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