Karity’s Pink Highlighter Palette

 Ok I have to tell you about this palette! First, let me say that I am deeply impressed with Karity’s Highlight palette, the (1st) Pink Collection. I have a preference when it comes to highlighters. To me, there’s nothing worse than spending an hour or more on perfecting a makeup look then putting on a highlighter that fly’s all over your face and ruins it.

Highlighter color: Risque

These four-color options in this palette all have a pink hue to them.  My favorite color in this palette is Risque.  It’s a golden pink that works out great on my skin tone. I prefer a gold naturally but it’s nice to be able to add pink in so that I don’t have to put on a blush.  Kind of kills two birds with one stone for me. If I can wear one product instead of two or multiple, it’s a win for me.

Highlighter color: Desire


I had never tried any of Karity’s products before but have heard and read great mentions about the brand from other bloggers, artists and YouTuber’s.  Upon receiving the palette, I remember thinking about how clean and sleek the design was.  The packaging seemed very sturdy to me as well. What takes the cake for me is how velvety smooth the highlighter pigments are. Literally no fly away especially when applied with a soft haired brush.

Now aren’t these palettes just beautiful? They currently have two highlighter palette options in Pink or Gold. I am definitely interested in purchasing the second one. If you enjoy straight to the point, non chalky, easy build-able kinds of highlighters then this one is for you.  The pans in this palette are a very decent size and give plenty of product to use. In my opinion is passes its worth and price of $25.

Here’s a link to an eyeshadow tutorial using one of  Karity’s eyeshadow palettes if you’re unfamiliar with the brand! Click Here–> Karity Smokey Palette Review

And last but certainly not least, here’s a link and code to use on your Karity Purchase!

Link:  Deal for Karity  Code: HERANPARK1


Thank you for stopping by!- Cici Daniels



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