Dear Wine Lovers, Try the Mumba!

Let’s talk about another pleasure in life beyond beauty for a few minutes, shall we? Wine! I love wine especially on late afternoons while trying to relax after a long day.  My favorites are the bubbly kinds like D’Asti’s and fizzy reds.  Occasionally, a bubbly, fruity sangria is a great wind down for me.

Mumba Product Pic by Heran Park

The issue is that I would feel forced to finish the bottle within a few days because they lose their “fizz factor” after opening them.  I don’t drink wine every day so of course they have to be stored away until glasses are out again.  The traditional wine plugs and re-cork corks seem to do okay as far as spilling goes. However, I wondered if there’s something out there that would help prevent them from going flat so quickly.

I was gifted this Mumba Wine Preserver. It’s a hands free device that sucks air out of the bottle to help preserve freshness. It is said to help preserve the wine for roughly two-three weeks. After trial and error, I found it very easy to use.  As long as you place the cap on correctly it will store securely.



You simply place the cap on top of the bottle opening then place the Mumba on top of the cap where the black rubber is.  Tap the Mumba button on top once and let it do it’s thing. The glowing light will stop emitting when once the round of suction is completed. You also have the option of using it twice in a row if you don’t plan on coming back to the wine for a while.

The stoppers are rubber instead of cork and seem to hold very well.  Four different colored stoppers come with the Mumba.  This was also great to me because I drink different wines depending on my mood and the food I’m having.  It makes it easy to store more than one at a time which is a plus.



It closely resembles a pepper shaker in my opinion. It could camouflage easily at the dinner table or where you store your cocktail party tools.  I think of it as a great gift to a friend for Girls Night or for the general wine connoisseur.  One of the best things about this wine preserver is that you can use it over a hundred times before you have to recharge it.



In my opinion, the Mumba makes it easy to restore and come back to.  To remove the cap you can simply thumb push it up gently and enjoy.  To give a fair review, the wines that I tried it on lasted me one week each based on two people drinking from the bottle.  Neither of the wines shown in the pictures above seemed to lose freshness.


You can find the Mumba Wine Preserver on Amazon for $25.99. Find them on Instagram @mumba.official

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