Maybelline’s Soda Pop Palette is HERE!

Meet Lemonade Craze‘s younger sister Soda Pop! As if we expected her to be any less cute.  I can definitely see myself wearing these colors this Fall season.  It is full of subtle pops of color.  I have to say that my favorite to shades in this palette are going to be Grape Pop and Blue Raspberry.  I see myself doing fun all shimmer looks with the shades Root Beer and Soda Fizz.


The packaging is eye catching and have so much potential when it comes to day wear. I am so happy that Maybelline is dropping necessary colors while keeping things fun at the same time.  The formula for the shadows aren’t super duper pigmented but they are very buildable beautiful shades.  I couldn’t wait to stick a brush in this palette!

Here is a look that I created using several colors in this palette.




The Maybelline Soda Pop Palette is $10.99 on! The colors I used for this look are Cola Float, Soda Fizz, Grape Pop, Blue Raspberry, Root Beer, Cherry on Top and Ginger Ale. The blue lip color you see in the in the photo is also by Maybelline.  It is one of their newest SuperStay Matte Ink City Edition Liquid lipsticks ($7.94) in the shade (blue) Explorer.


This look was inspired by Nikkie a.k.a. Nikkie Tutorials.  She is one of the top Beauty Guru’s on YouTube currently working with Maybelline. Here’s her eyeshadow tutorial from Maybelline x NikkieTutorials


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