Makeup Talk: Indie Brands to try! Vol. 1

As an influencer and beauty blogger, I’ve gotten a chance to work with some great beginner brands.  I’ve also gotten multiple opportunities to try many different products.  No, they’re not as well known as big name brands on social media but they are proud of and stand by their products.  The thing I love most about indie/small brands is that they care deeply about what consumers think of their line and are always wanting to make things better as they progress.  Indie brands also have a tighter reputation when it comes to customer service.

Being that I have a smaller social platform, these brands deciding to work with me has been essential to my growth in more than one way.  They have given me tools to use, in-site on how to market products and a chance to really elevate the skills I already had.  I appreciate every last one them for taking a chance on sending me their products and letting me represent them for a moment in time.  Here are some amazing Independent Beauty brands to look up and try:

  1. Kinkii Kosmetixxx, Owner Keristan Ebeniro

Believe it or not, Kinkii Kosmetix is a an adult Subscription Box with makeup, clothing and toys.  There is a surprise in every box!  I remember thinking, ” OMG! These lipsticks!”  I loved the T-shirt and eyeshadows as well but the lipstick colors blew me away instantly.  The exotic names match everything that the brand is about.

IG: Kinkii Kosmetixxx

FB: Kinkii Kosmetix

2.  Glitter Addict, Owner Debbie Sosa

I’ve actually written about Glitter Addict before.  If you type their name in the search box above you’ll find a complete review on these amazingly affordable cosmetic grade glitter pods.  The mixes and pressed glitters work very well and look great with whatever you create.

IG: _glitter_addict

FB: Glitter Addict


3.  Revenge Cosmetics, Owner Kiara Lane

IG: @revengecosmetics1_

FB: Revenge Cosmetics LLC

Michigan born beauty brand that has some really great lip formulas.  My favorites are the matte liquid lipsticks.  They stay on forever!  They last for hours at a time even with eating and drinking.  The pigments are great, easy to remove when intended and have great quality.  I have gotten a lot of complements on this brand’s strip lashes in “Glowing.”

I will be back next week with more Indie Brands that you beauty lovers should know about! As always you can email me about these brands and reach Heran Park on social media. Click the social icons in the top left corner of the page.  Thanks for dropping by!

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