Makeup Talk: Indie Brands to Try! Vol. 2

Here’s my continued list of brands that I feel people need to know more about and try.  As I said in Volume 1, I’ve gotten some amazing opportunities this year and couldn’t be more honored to have worked with these brands.   It is not just about getting free products or promotion.  It’s about a small voice and them allowing me to be apart of their vision.

  1. Mented Cosmetics

I’ve also written about this brand before.  Mented Cosmetics is a brand that is dedicated to meeting the needs of Women of Color when it comes to true nude and neutral makeup shades.  I can personally vouch for the lipstick in shade “Dope Taupe.”  It continues to be a Go TO and favorite on days when I am a minimalist.  All of the shades from Mented in the Capsule Collection are beautiful brows and look great on my medium tan skin tone.


IG: @mentedcosmetics

FB: Mented Cosmetics

2. Karity Cosmetics


I really enjoyed this campaign.  I was aware of the brand but unaware of the quality.  The beauty community had been buzzing about Karity for the longest before I got a chance to try one of their products for myself.  This highlighter palette is buttery smooth.  I don’t know what they did to these pigments but this palette is one of my favorites when it comes to highlighter palettes.


IG: @karity

FB: Karity

3.  Merci Beauty Co.


For a start up brand, I was genuinely impressed about the pigment in the Lip Dazzle Glosses that Merci Beauty sent me.  I remember think about moisturizing they are.  The definitely have great shine as well.  The lashes that I was sent where a very natural pair that are short enough to be believable to be your own.  I can’t wait to see what else is in store from Merci Beauty.


IG: @shopmercibeauty

FB: Merci Beauty LLC


Be sure to check these brands out for great deals and new products to come.  If they wind up here on The Beauty Commodity, they are worth the buy and try.  Stay tuned for more great brands and products that I have gotten to try.  Needless to say, I really enjoy trying new things and telling you beauty babes about my trials throughout this journey.  I definitely be back soon.  If you can recommend any brands please leave a link in the comments.

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