Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

Thanks to Neutrogena, I got a chance to try one of the newest editions to their skincare line, the Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment.  It almost looks like one of those light pen’s that mechanics keep in their shirt pocket. I was instantly intrigued by the description stating that it is designed for pop up pimples being that I get them at least once a month.


I had never tried light therapy before so learning about it was new for me as well.  I had seen the Light Therapy Acne mask inside Ulta Beauty from Neutrogena when I go to restock and figured that this pen had to be something similar.  There are two different color lights, red and blue.  The red light helps reduce inflammation and the blue helps kill harmful bacteria that causes pimples in the area.

The Light Therapy pen is small enough to fit in your purse and take on the go.  I found that to be a very convenient way to continuously treat the area throughout the day without having to wait until you get back home.  It’s said to treat the pimple without  causing flaking and burning. What I also like is that it only treats the targeted area.  I don’t like the idea of treating my entire face if I don’t have to.


Here’s how it works:


  • Turn on device by pressing the button for a FULL second until it powers on.
  • Apply directly on skin so light is fully surrounding pimple.
  • Treat for two minutes. Device will automatically turn off after two minutes.

I did find it effective on the small pimples that I got over the last week or two.  I usually get them right above my eyebrows where I sweat causing hair products to drip on down. Although I wash my face daily, it seems like my brow hairs hold the bacteria anyway sometimes.  I wanted to wait until I got a bigger pimple to see the Light Therapy Acne Treatment’s full potential before I post before and after pictures in order to give a more  fair review.


Stay tuned for an update on this post. If you would like to try the Light Therapy Acne Treatment it is available online at for $19.99 and also at Ulta Beauty.  Be sure to look for it at local drugstores and department stores where you see a Neutrogena section.

#neutrogenabrandpartner #gotitfree  Thanks to Neutrogena for sending me this product.

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