Formula 10.0.6’s New Line up in Skincare

I’m so excited about this review! I was sent so many products from Formula 10.0.6.  I was already familiar with this brand of skincare but the body care is new to me.  I have been using their products for almost a year now and some products are must haves.

These are the products I received:

  • Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser
  • Total Take Away Bubble Mask
  • Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask
  • Be Berry Smooth Moisturizing Peel Mask
  • Thirst No More Moisturizer
  • Smooth Me Over Moisturizing Body Wash
  • Wake Up Now Energizing Body Wash
  • My Softer Side Hydrating Body Butter
  • Butter Me Up Moisturizing Body Stick

Formula 1006 Heran Park

There are so many new items in the Formula 10.0.6 Body Care lineup.  My favorite at this very moment is the Butter Up Moisturizing Body Stick.  It is perfect for on the go and especially convenient.  It has a silky finish and smells like plum and cocoa butter might I add.  It really melts into the skin.

I am in ‘Mask Heaven” right now!  I was already using the Get Your Glow On Peel Mask in my weekly routine twice a week but had never tried the other peel masks.  I think the Be Berry Smooth Moisturizing Peel Mask is the sister to it.  I kept thinking it wasn’t dry but it was actually the moisturizer in it that kept the smooth semi-wet feeling, making me think it wasn’t.  You’ll notice that the peel is dry but still feels wet to touch after 15 minutes.

Formula 1006 Heran Park2

Out of all the masks, the Total Take Away Bubble Mask is the most amazing to me.  My son enjoyed it so much that he asked every night after that if he could use the “Bubble One” because it tickles.  Of course the sharing didn’t stop there.  My husband also found a way to convince me that he should be able to use my new moisturizer, the Thirst NO More. I have decided to share it because I keep finding it on his side of the sink. LOL!


From the Body Care collection,  I am currently enjoying the Wake Up Now Energizing Body Wash.  It gives a soft refreshing feel after a long day at work.  I particularly love that it has peppermint in it.  What I like most about these body care products is that they aren’t heavily scented and do not have a harsh wash away.

I plan on giving a recorded review on the  So Totally Clean products which I purchase myself on the regular.  These facial products are amazing and work for  my combination skin.  The Deep Pore Cleanser is a go to for breakouts and the Micellar Water takes off my makeup without stripping my skin.  I love everything that I have tried so far and will continue to be a big fan of the Formula 10.0.6 brand.

Please look them up on IG: @formula1006, at Ulta Beauty and on their website :!

Be sure to catch links to this brand on Heran Park’s IG as well @cici_herapark


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