Let’s Explore the Gore in Halloween Makeup!

What would Halloween be without a little blood?  These are artists that make blood look like you should be wearing it or at least for Halloween anyway.  Scars, scabs, drips, brusies and cuts.  It’s crazy how realistic they look!

Artist: Kim Hamilton, Makeup Artist and Special FX

IG:  @beauty.marks.artistry  –  Web: beautymarksartistry.com

Artist: Marlena Askew, Makeup Artist

IG: @oh.freckles  –  FB: Marlena Askew  –  YT:  Lena TheFace Slaya

Artist: Krystal Hodges-Mallory, Makeup Artist

IG:  @prettii_krysii  –  YT: Prettykrysii

Artist: Kimberley La’Shea, Makeup Enthusiast

IG: @kimlashea

Artist: Skittlez Williams, Makeup Enthusiast

FB: Skittlez Williams

Special shout out to Tochtli Barram Albbart.  She is an upcoming artist well on her way to stardom. Today, she is a special feature for this category.  She submitted several photos of her work and I can definitely the amount of talent and dedication she puts into her work.

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