Anyone up for a little Halloween inspired Glam?

Well of course we can’t leave out those beautiful eyeshadow looks that we wear to Halloween parties.  These artists slayed these looks and I  would definitely wear them on candy night to this years Boo Bash!  I love everything about the colors that they chose.  Take a peek! (a-boo of course)


Artist: Jossie Romero, Makeup Junkie

IG: @glambyjossie –  FB: Jossie Romero  –  TW: Glambyjossie

Artist: Chantelle La’Joy,  Makeup Enthusiast and Influencer

IG:  @Chantelle_lajoy  – FB:  Chantelle La’Joy



Aritst: Danyeil Durrant,  Makeup Enthusiast

IG: @beautybydanyeil – FB: Danyeil Durrant


Artist: Farrah Fontay, Makeup Artist

IG:  @fontayfaces –  FB: Farrah Fontay MUA


Artist:  Dolly Roman, Makeup Enthusiast

IG:  @dollyroman_  – YT: dollyroman5694  – TW:  dollyroman_



Now didn’t they spring great Halloween Glam ideas into thought?  Make sure you go follow them and check out their social sites by clicking on the GREEN links under their name.  If you happen to contact them or make a new friend, tell them that Cici @ Heran Park said ” Hey Girl!”

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