What’s next on HP & a few writing tips for bloggers…

Anyone who knows me personally or at least as an artist knows that the idea’s are forever flowing with me non stop. Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing more hair products and tools.  Another venture that I plan to kick off is a Fashion Series.  As a blogger, I have learned that it is very  important to plan ahead and strategically map out the execution of these ideas. 

Here are a few beginner tips that help me:

  1. Write down the idea.  If you’re anything like me, you forget that “GREAT IDEA” because another one pops into mind.  Sometimes, I really do have to stop everything I’m doing and find a pen and paper to jot them down.
  2. Think of a reasonable time frame and try to stick to it.  Usually, I try to give myself two weeks to finish after I have started a blog project.  Occasionally, I do go over that time period but it is never because I hadn’t started.
  3. Make sure that the execution of the project was met with the initial goal.  Always go back and check to see if the main objective or idea was captured in your project.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what goes on  behind the scenes.  Although, all bloggers aren’t the same and probably have more than one way to execute great posts I still wanted to share.  Keep your eyes peeled for new content by subscribing and visiting Heran Park Beauty Commodity.  Stay tuned  for the new reviews to come.


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