Health Finds: Let’s talk Probiotics

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are GOOD live bacteria that can be taken from fermented foods/drinks and yogurts to promote your overall health.  They are microorganisms geared toward helping your immune and digestive system directly.  I started taking probiotics over a year ago to help with regulation and digestive issues.  One difference that I noticed after a month was that I was way less gasous and seemed to maintain my weight while taking them.

Let’s not confuse Probiotics with Preboitics

Prebiotics fermintate once they reach your gut while Probiotics have already been through the fermentation process before you ingest them.  Some forms of Prebiotics are foods like onion, the skin of an apple and  garlic.  They are naturally built to fermintate in while in the body and turn into good bacteria upon entering the stomach. It is considered the long version but natural way of processing foods but most people don’t eat raw onion and garlic so the opt for Probiotics instead.

I been taking a new (to me) brand of Probiotics for the last month is brand called Daily Body Restore. I have been taking 2 a day. The instructions do say to take 2-3 capsules only at different times throughout the day but 2 works for me. I was taking a different brand of probiotics before these and was kind of curious to see if my balance would be disrupted. The Daily Body Restore made no disturbances to my balance when it comes to digestion. I also get sick around the holidays every year but only had minor sniffles to a runny nose.

I’m really only used to seeing 1-3 different kinds of Lactobacillus in my Probiotics but this brand has a total of 6 along with 3 kinds of Bifidobacterium. Altogether, 9 kinds of Probitics totalling 13 billion CFU (colony forming units) per pill. I think that they work very well for regulation. To learn more about good bacteria and probiotics in the body watch this video: 13 Billion Good Bacteria

You can find out more about Daily Body Restore by clicking on their name in GREEN and connecting with them on YouTube through the video link above.

*The product talked about on this post was sponsored by the brand but all opinions are based on personal experience with it. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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