Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Primer

lash primer…Hit or ditch?

I recently got an opportunity to try the new Velvet Primer together with Marc Jacobs’ Velvet Noir mascara. I was already familiar with mascara itself and wanted to see how this company could possibly make it any better. To my surprise, they did. I tried it on both my natural lashes and falsies. This primer is a HIT for me!

In the comparison above you’ll see the before and after. The Velvet Primer (Top) is a fiber filled cream formula that instantly separated the lashes. The lash brush is very similar, if not the same as the brush that comes in the Velvet Noir (Bottom) mascara. Both formulas have the same thickness and come in the same size container as well.

Do you need a lash primer?

If you have straight eyelashes like myself I think it will do you justice. Although I have great mascaras that work well, I can definitely tell the difference when coating my lashes with this lash primer first. It’s the thickening and the separation that makes the difference in my opinion. By looking at the clip from Instagram above you can get an idea of where I’m coming from.

Normally, mascaras only add volume to my natural lashes. The pre coating Velvet Primer adds more “Ummppf” and look way better with this combination on than just a mascara alone. This lash primer is also compatible with other mascaras. Of course I was going to test it with others for you guys and girls.

Where can you get it?

The Velvet Primer is available on and Sephora online and in store. Marc Jacobs Beauty products are also available at Neiman Marcus locations as well. This Epic Lash Primer costs $26 and has plenty if not more product in the tube and should last a long while. Enjoy!

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