Beauty Bakerie Review

Talk about a great “Fresh from the Oven” experience. I recently got a chance to try Beauty Bakerie‘s Coffee and Cocoa Bronzer Palette, Matte Lip Whip in Syruptitious and the Flour Setting Powder. I was already a fan of the translusent setting powder and had already loved Beauty Bakeries Lip Whips. I am seriously looking forward to getting more products including the foundation from this brand.

Lip Whip in Syruptitious

I absolutely love the formula of these Lip Whips. They are super long lasting and highly pigmented. They’re very well worth the money you’ll invest in having them. I have not tried the gloss versions yet but I will very soon on my next order.

Lip Whip in She’s Just Jelly

I have used the Coffee and Cocoa Bronzer palette time and time again since receiving it. I am wearing Anti Depresso and La Vida Mocha in the top Instagram post. I used those two shades to lightly contour and bronze with. I love how much product you get from this palette and I think it will last me a very long time. When it comes to having an idea of what size the palette and pan sizes are, I think they are very close to the sizes in any Huda Beauty Highlighter palette.

What I love most about Beauty Bakerie is that this company caters to all skin. The products work beyond measure and are now available at Ulta Beauty online and in-store. The packaging and brand image if fresh and unique. There is something sweet for everyone at Beauty Bakerie!

***The products thar are mentioned in this post where sponsored by the brand. All thoughts and opinions about the products are based on personal experience and were not scripted.

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