Current Favorite Products for a great Cut-Crease

My supporters on Facebook always ask, “What’s the secret to getting a great cut crease?” The ultimate answer is lots of PRACTICE and great performing TOOLS! You need a technique that allows you to customize the cut crease to the shape of your eyes, a brush that you find easy to work with and a concealer/base that performs well with most pigments.

In all honesty, my two favorite concealers for cut creases are from Clinique and Tarte. They make precision lining very easy for me when trying to achieve a great cut crease. I recently latched onto Makeup Revolution’s Cut Crease Canvas Full Coverage Eyeshadow Base. Rave reviews on YouTube claim it is the next best thing to the P. Louise Eyeshadow Base.

The Cut Crease Canvas Base comes in four different shades for the affordable price of $9 each. I am currently using the Medium shade which I think is closer to Light than Medium in my opinion. Still a very good base color for louder and regularly used shades. It doesn’t take long to dry and the formula lays flat and doesn’t seem to sink into the fine lines in my eyelids once it’s dry.

I use the Cut Crease Canvas Base in this look.

This is actually one of the best concealers I’ve used. I think this one is beginner friendly but can also be used on any level of experience. I have tried to include a little demo of how I used it with my Riviera Palette from Anastasia Beverely Hills.

My Holy Grail brush for a cut crease is the Crown Oval Lip Brush #C464. It retails for about $3 on Crown Brushes site. Another brush that works for me as well is the Wet n’ Wild Smoky Liner Brush that retails for 99 cent to $2 any where the brand is sold. You do NOT always need expensive brushes to pull off great eyeshadow looks.

This tool combo works for me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. The Cut Crease Canvas Eyeshadow Base is available at Ulta Beauty and Revolution Beauty online. Just a little FYI, Makeup Revolution does have several different sites that they sell from but if you Google the name of this product or click the red links above it will come up. If you decide to try it be sure to come back to visit and let me know what you think about these products.

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