Why I love Anastasia Beverly Hills Palettes so much

Honestly, I’ve seen some pretty nasty reviews about Anastasia Beverly Hills’ style of palettes and the pigments that they feature in them. I don’t understand why makeup artists and other beauty lovers give them backlash about the palettes but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The palettes that ABH put out are designed to give a certain look and appear to be themed that way on purpose. I love that you can pick up a certain palette like Soft Glam and know exactly what looks you can get out of it.

Because they’re designed to give a certain realm of looks individually, it’s easy to have them as GO-To’s. I thought that might be helpful to any professional artist with high wedding and everyday glam clientele. You have the Novina palette that’s a little more fun and girly. The latest edition to the lineup, the Riviera, is super Spring-Summery and has become my favorite so far from ABH.

Here’s a tutorial using the Norvina, Soft Glam & Riviera Palettes in a Black Widow Look!

I have been able to pull off some great looks with these great fluffy pigments and soft foil glittery blends. The pigmentation is wonderful and super easy for me to blend. I have also tried the blushes, the lipglosses and lipsticks, the contour palettes and the foundation stick. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetic Line is one of the Best Overall for Quality and Price of $42 per eyeshadow palette.

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