Let’s talk Eye Shape!

Why is knowing your Eye Shape important?

Many beauty lovers and makeup enthusiasts find it difficult to apply eyeshadow in the beginning of their journey. I did too. I was always wandering why certain looks didn’t come out right when I was doing exactly what the tutorials instructed. It was because I didn’t know at the time, that every technique and look that I was trying weren’t developed for my eye shape.

Finding your eyeshape is the first step toward figuring out which eyeshadow techniques look most proportional on your face. It’s the same thing as finding your face shape which helps you understand how to contour and add depth to your face. Once you figure it out, your should research eyeshadow looks that look best on your shape. It can also steer you in the right direction to which brushes to buy so that you don’t waste money.

These two charts above give good insite on what the different eyeshapes look like. There’s also eye depth. For example, I have Almond shaped eyes with what may be a considered as slightly hooded or deep set lids. While some eyeshadow and liner techniques work for everyone some do not. It’s really a trial and error thing and you still have to practice.

Here’s a link to one of my favorite YouTubers, Wayne Goss. Watch as he explains about Eye Shape!

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