Too Faced Crystal Whips Photo by Heran Park

Crystal Whips from Too Faced Cosmetics

So yeah, Too Faced Cosmetics did drop the Crystal Whips Shimmering Eye Shadow Veils this April. I mentioned the sneak peek in my last blog post about the Twinkle Twinkle Glitter Eyeshadows. I was able to snatch three shades: Club Kid, It’s Lit and Totally Whipped. I find these super easy to use.

I recommend these soft, sort of plush and fluffy eyeshadows to those like to wear one color looks and those who like eyeshadow toppers. In the photos below I did use them in different ways. They are pimented and really do stay in place once they dry. The Crystal Whips are $22 and have very fine glitter in them.

They are not as similar to the Twinke Twinkle glitter eyeshadows as I thought they would be but I happen to like these more. Look1 is a cut crease look. Number 2 is a simple elevated lid look with a fleshy transition and look 3 is a pressing technique to build the color without cutting the crease.

I really think any makeup lover or artist can use these with any technique. They smell great too! I love when Too Faced Cosmetics puts that peachy fragrance in their products. My face smells good all day usually. These plush eyeshadow shimmers are available on Too and Sephora online/instore.

Too Faced Crystal Whips Photo by Heran Park

I hope you enjoyed this short product review. If you have any requests about what I should review next be sure to comment below. Thanks for stopping by.

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