Pushing Beauty Boundaries with Brights & Neons

I had a lot of fun creating these neon looks. I really had to step outside of myself to pull them off. Of course, I love traditional and elevated glam but there’s something about Neon Makeup that is electrifying. Over the passed two years I’ve seen makeup go more retro. Brands began to produce non traditional colors like never before.

*Products in picture: Pinky Rose Bright Lights and MorphexJaclyn Hill Palettes

These bright and vivid neon colors give such a creative push to the artists that dare to use them. I have to be honest and say that I was intimidated at first. These colors are extremely bold and instantly demand attention. It was very important to me that I executed these looks perfectly because neon pigment can be hard to blend sometimes.

I used a combination of standard flat brushes and thicker, fluffier flat brushes to make the pigments mesh. I also used regular eyeshadow primer for the base and Makeup Revolutions Cut Crease Canvas in Halo(White) so that the pigments show up true to color. After testing my regular concealer shade with these neons I knew that I needed to use a white base because the colors didn’t show up nearly as vivid.

Heran Park showing neon colors
Pinky Rose Bright Lights and the MorphexJamesCharles Palettes

If you’re considering trying neons and brighter pigments there are some awesome smaller brands that offer loose pigment in sets. They’re also easier to come by and cheaper. I prefer pressed pigment in palettes because loose pigment can get very messy to me. Palettes are easier to store and I don’t have to worry about the container tops coming off. Loose pigmented neon’s work just the same, if not better, but I find palettes more convenient.

Here’s a list of some fun Neon Palettes to try:

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