Subscription Box Review: Kinkii Kosmetixxx Pt 1

You’ve heard me speak on this brand several times before but this I couldn’t wait to talk about. I was featured in March’s Kinkii Kosmetixxx Magazine and a lippie was named after me. It’s a plush Olive Green matte color called “Cici.” I couldn’t be more proud of this brands constant growth. I also am very proud of the relationship that I’ve had an opportunity to build with them since joining the team.

Kinkii kicked off an adult bi-monthly subscription box. At first glance you’re like what the heck is a “Side Chick Box” right? We know the stigma behind the street phrase but if you’re open minded, keep reading because this could be a great experience for your intimate lifestyle. I’ve tried so many products including makeup, massage oil, an adult game (wink wink*) and body products. Two of my favorite products to use are the Lip Scrub and the Booty Parlor Body Dust.

I think the concept is very unique for a sub box of this genre. There are three product and price options so you get to choose just how “kinkii” you want to get. I think it’s ideal for couples or singles that enjoy kicking things up a notch in the foreplay area. For the price range, you get more than a bargain because of the quality that you get with these full size products.

In the magazine, you’ll find a challenge for the themed month and an erotic yet slightly poetic story to help set the mood. A lot of the erotic body items featured in this box are edible which introduces a certain level of exchange. This adult box features nighties in a variety of plus sizes as well. The value and quality of these products are incredible compared to walking into an adult store.

If you’re looking for a discreet way to try new things in the bedroom, I encourage you to go over and look at the Side Chick Box‘s website. The box’s will be delivered to you in a closed package bi-monthly but make sure that you click around on the website and check out the one time option. If you’re like me, you like reading and watching reviews first. Click on the YouTube video below to see what Chrissy Harless, a fellow blogger, had to say about this sub box.

4 thoughts on “Subscription Box Review: Kinkii Kosmetixxx Pt 1

      1. I could totally see the lime green being used for lip art . Too cool . I’ve been kind of wanting a green but not sure if I could pull it off , you think with all the blues I have that green wouldn’t scare me 😂


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