Press On Nail Review: Iridescent Nailz

Most of us “Extra Glam” lovers adore walking into the nail salon & sitting down to watch the magic happen right before our eyes. Ppl like myself, don’t always have time to go to the nail salon on the regular. Last week, I tried a unique brand of Press On nails that reminded me that girls like me DO have another option. Honestly, I hadn’t worn press on nails since I was a kid and this seemed to be a reminder of how convenient Press on’s are.

I tried a set from the Cute & Blingy Collection called “Summer Lava” by Iridescent Nailz. This set retails for $40 and honey they’re definitely a hot, smoldering, liquid lava mixed Orange combo with extra bling! My first impression was that they were even more beautiful in person. This set was a little longer than what I usually wear but still comfortable. Iridescent Nailz does have sizing and shape/length options for each set which is what I like most because I love to switch it up.

Cute & Blingy Collection: Summer Lava

The sizing chart was on point to me and I only had to make very minimal alterations to the fitting. I broke one of my middle fingers as a teen and the nail bed never healed the same. I usually get the nail tech to customize the fit a little for that one finger nail but of course these were already made. I was a little worried that one wouldn’t fit that finger but it looked just fine. (Photo Above) I only had to file it a tiny bit where the cuticle meets the press on toward the top.

I was impressed by the jewels staying in place so well too. A couple of the jewels were on the larger side and I thought for sure after washing my hands a few times the jewels’ adhesive would loosen up. They didn’t move at all. I didn’t see a change in the nail design either after 2-3 wears which convinced me of this brands quality.

Model @tori_josephine

I do suggest putting on a good amount of nail glue before applying if you plan to wear them for long periods of time. On my first application, I only put a small dot on each nail because I wanted to test out the glue itself. I also didn’t want to apply too much on my first wear so that they wouldn’t be difficult to remove or cause irreversible damage. The set did come with a professional grade nail glue so its important not to use too much so that you don’t ruin your real nails along with the press on’s.

Removal was relatively easy. The first time I simply soaked my hands in warm water for about 10 mins to get them to lift. They did get soft so if you try this method of removable please be gentle and let them harden again before the next step. I took a q-tip with a very small amount of nail polish remover on it and rubbed the area where the old glue residue was to get it off before storing them.

This brands press on sets are super trendy, light weight and designed for multi wear. As you can see in the above photos, these babies look like they could have been done in a nail salon. The best part about press on’s is how much time you save getting them on compared to the waiting process and application traditionally. I love that you don’t have to stay committed to wearing them. I love being able to add fast glam to my hands before I go out then taking them off when I get back.

Please visit Iridescent Nailz online to check out all of the amazing sets for yourself. Tell them you found them on Heran Park! Talk to you on the next review.

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