Blue Moon Palette from ColourPop

Blue Moon is one of the very many Blue (only) eyeshadow palettes that was released this year. I really feel like it could rival the rest. With palettes out like Blue Blood, Icy Betch, etc you have to wander which is worth the price. This one is the cheapest from what I’ve seen so far and I don’t mind the smaller quantity. After trying so many eyeshadow palettes and different pigments I look for easiest blending blues because they’re not all equal.

Typically, I look for range in one color palettes. I prefer not to have too many transition shades because it usually winds up being colors that I already have like flesh tones. Blue Moon has great pigmentation between the mattes and mixed shimmer shades. None of them are chalky even the lighter blue shades.

This photo belongs to ColourPop

I wouldn’t change anything about this combination and I hope that ColourPop drops a second palette to this one. I can easily another version of this one with deeper blues and marine colors. ColourPop definitely has a knack for choosing these eye popping color combinations. I recommend this blue palette to anyone in need of these colors and anyone that doesn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for blue shades.

Blue Moon is a very well thought out palette for the price of $12. I feel like I can use the colors in it alone and with other palettes. It’s very rare to see that all of the blue shades work! You can get Blue Moon on ColourPop’s website but if you’d like to see how the colors blend first, click on my short tutorial below.

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