Juvia’s Place I am Magic changed the game!

I myself and so many beauty lovers have waited for this moment. Finally, POC can say that they have a go to brand for their tone. Juvia’s dropped 42 shades of velvety matte goodness and 24 shades of concealer. I’m not claiming that other brands have no range at all but they definitely don’t have this MUCH range when it comes to brown and deep skin tones.

The coverage is crazy good! You don’t need a lot of the product and I feel like I don’t have to conceal and color correct my discolored areas. I can just put it on and keep going. I have not gotten a chance to try the concealer but I cannot picture it being any less dope than the foundation.

Shade: Savanna 440

The coverage is beyond expectation for a full coverage foundation. The finish is so plush and I adore the fact that it isn’t a hard, dry matte finish. It doesn’t dry out over time and the best part is that it continues to have that flawless finish throughout the day. My shade is Savanna but I think that by the end of summer my tan will have me at Punta Cana,

Beyond the fact that this foundation caters to people of color, it caters to those with in between tones. The I am Magic Foundation has true neutral shades instead of just red and yellow undertones. By “True Neutrals” I mean not just labeled that way and not leaning more toward any one undertone. They are right in the middle.

Most importantly, all of those super deep and super deep in between shades that we’ve been missing are included in this line. The foundation doesn’t have that nasty ashy sheen once it dries down and I am in love! I am definitely considering putting a few in my kit for all of my customers. The pigmentation is richer than I imagined compared to some of my favorite foundations that I use on the regular.

The I Am Magic Foundation is available online at Juvia’s Place and Ulta Beauty Stores if you prefer to be matched in-store. The price is on point and could possibly be sold at $25 instead of $20 due to the plush feel and staying power. It does slightly move and I suggest setting to keep it from moving at all.

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