How do I pick colors for eyeshadow looks?

After 14 years of being a Tattoo Artist, I’ve picked up a lot about color scheme and which colors make sense together. I can stare at one palette and see which colors will give me a nice elevation for a blend out. How do you accomplish seeing which colors work as a beginner? You look for complimenting colors lighter or darker depending on you base color.

If you look closely at the pictures above you’ll see the elevation from the main lid to the transition shade. The darkest color being “Red Bottoms” on the main part of the eye lid gets lighter once you get closer to the brow bone. This is a quick way to choose colors for one color eyeshadow looks. I created a very quick tutorial showing how I used these ColourPop Main Squeeze Palette using the Gradient Technique. Click this tutorial and see how I do it!

The main idea is to pick a color that will compliment the next one but that gets tricky when you’re trying to do a cut crease, right? It gets even trickier when you’re attempting to use one palette with a small selection of colors. It seems like you’re just trying things when you’re a beginner and sometimes it doesn’t always work out. One thing I always try to look for when attempting these two things at once is picking colors that compliment in the background first then on the main lid.

For me, the same “rules” apply to the transition shades. It could possibly apply to picking cut crease colors if you’re attempting to use more than one. Generally, most people will pick one main lid color that pops. I didn’t have to study color theory when I got into makeup but if you’re a beginner, it would do you some good to take a peek at color wheels and color theory. Here’s another video that will help you to understand my process.

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