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Tarte’s Busy Gal Collection

OMG! I received some samples of the Busy Gal Collection from Tarte and I feel like the products could fit my life. I have a day job and am unable to wear a full face of makeup everyday. When I’m off from work I don’t always have time to put on full glam either.

The new collection is perfectly named for how convenient the packaging is. The products are light weight enhancers that are easy to apply especially on the go. I am in love with the Busy Gal Blushes. Mood & Break Time both add a beautiful flush of color and double as a highlight.

The glosses are beautiful sheer colors that I really feel like I can wear anywhere. Out of all six colors, Werk Wife and Coffee Break are my favorite two. Coffee Break seems to look good on me with as a nude shade with any eyeshadow look I’ve tried with it. The squeezy tubes remind me of when I was a teenager. They all have a very mild tasty smell.

Last but definitely not least, the Busy Gal Brows brow tint is beyond convenient. I wish that the brush hairs were a little longer because it would allow me smooth out my brow hairs. I suggest keeping a small spooly on-hand. Other than that, I have not complaints because its easy to apply and fill my brows really quickly.

This collection is gets an A+ from me based on how effortless these products work. They’re all self explanatory and straight to the point. The price point for each product is fair for how much product you get in tubes and containers. I recommend these products the “Busy Gal on the go” and to makeup minimalist.

*** These products were sponsored by the Tarte brand but I was NOT paid to give this review. I decided to write this review because I really like these products and Tarte.

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