Juvia’s Place Queen Palette: FUMI

What’s New at Juvia’s Place?

I am so excited to write about Juvia’s Place and their newest edition of products to come. I am over the moon to see this brand keep pushing for greatness after recent controversy with big scale influencers after the release of the I Am Magic complexion products. The situation bubbled over very quickly and left fans to wonder where Juvia’s Place would go from there. This is a brand that we already loved because of the positive, bold People of Color images that they helped push into the forefront of the beauty industry.

Juvia’s Place recently made a public announcement on social media accounts telling the public that they would be collaborating with 5 beauty lovers and content creators for their Queen Collection. This is an amazing opportunity for bloggers and beauty gurus everywhere. This was a very pleasant surprise and amazing news for Juvia’s Place fans letting us know they are most definitely here to stay. It also reminded people in the beauty community that Juvia’s Place had always been about promoting inclusivity and uplifting ALL people.

Getting to know Fumi!

The first to be featured on the Queen palette is none other than the beautiful Fumi Desalu-Vold. I first experienced Fumi on YouTube. Once I found out that she had collaborated with Juvia’s Place, I had to know more about her story. I had to find out more about this booming personality pouring from such a beauty face.

Fumi was written about in Vogue Italia where they pointed out all of her success as a West African model and actress. There is so much more to Fumi than what we see on her channel. We see her signature makeup techniques, how she views the beauty world and her amazing sense of style. She allows us to see snippets of her journey with baby Adrian and her husband who she adores.


The FumixJuvias Collection comes with the Queen Palette ($15), 2 lip colors and 1 blazing red makeup bag for a total of $50 if you get the entire collection. The palette has six colors that Fumi named to represent what she loves. The lip glosses go from 0 to 100 jumping from nude to bold. My personal favorite of the two is the one she named after herself, a deep plum gloss named FUMI.

The colors in this collection are as rich and pigmented as ever. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Juvia’s Place, as this brand is well known for their dedication to quality pigmentation. Fumi and other beauty lovers have already been uploading videos and makeup looks showing off their beautiful faces. You can find them on the Juvia’s Place Instagram account and Fumi’s social outlets.

Below you’ll find my tutorial using the multifuctional Fumi Palette to create my first look. Please check out my channel as well and feel free to subscribe. You’ll find other tutorials where I used Juvia’s Place products. Stay tuned for more reviews and looks from this collection.

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