Final Thoughts on #FUMIxJUVIAS

Juvia’s Place has a rare drive in the beauty industry. I had no doubts about the results I’d get from this collection. The two things that I love most are that the palette is multifunctional palette and that these lippies are never before seen glosses from JP. You’re able to use these colors as eyeshadows, blushes and highlighters. Not only that, you’re able to rock simple to bold looks with just this six pan palette and lip color range.

Fumi Juvias Place Queen Collection
Heran Park Beauty

I finally got to wear my “Fumi” gloss and am in love with this shade. Dark berry glosses are captivating when worn right. I happen to think that the fuller your lips are, the better they look when they catch the light. I didn’t get the lighter nude shade called “Royalty” but I’ve seen enough looks on the JP hashtag to know that this shade is gorgeous too! Both shades look great on all tones.

I love the packaging for it’s fresh appeal. The makeup bag isn’t too big but still a convenient size. The palette fits right in it still leaving room for the other things you may need during your travels. This hot red Fumi makeup bag has been featured in the beginning of several different tutorials and is available to purchase separately.

Consumers are loving the new theme and are patiently waiting to see what’s next just like myself. I am wondering which influencers and blogger will collaborate with Juvia’s Place next. We have five more beauties to see included in the Queen Collection. It’s hard to guess who because they have so many dedicated supporters. I am loving the direction and expansion that I am seeing from this brand.

Speaking of growth and expansion, have you seen the new Juvia’s Place display at Ulta? They’ve offered select palettes and lippies previously but it looks like the entire line is being sold on shelves now. The foundaitons, concealers and more palettes are available now. I haven’t heard any news yet on Fumi being sold on shelves but you can always order it online at http://www.juviasplace.com!

I currently have three different tutorials up now on YouTube! Be sure to check them out.

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