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Is the new Fenty Brow pencil the real MVP?

After trying so many brow products over the last couple of years I’ve learned one thing…Highend doesn’t always mean more value.  Of course, I had to test out Fenty’s version of a micro pencil to see if it breaks new ground in the beauty industry as far as highend products go . I was able to try the New Fenty Brow MVP pencil over the weekend.  I walked into Sephora and was instantly impressed by the display of 14 different shades.

heran-park Fenty Beauty Brow MVP photo

My “go-to” shade for brows is Ash Brown but every brand doesn’t sell it so I get Medium Brown instead. Fenty did have an Ash Brown shade but I decided to get Medium Brown anyway. Brow product shades tend to vary from brand to brand with the exception of the darkest shades like Dark Brown and Black. Fenty’s version of Ash Brown is much closer to a lighter brownish blonde which I can’t wear right now because it wouldn’t look good with my natural hair color.

I’m used to wearing Ash Brown from either ColourPop or NYX which is deeper than Fenty’s but still has the Ash blue undertone. The two are fairly close in color if not the same but the formulas are a little different. I was surprised at the side by side with ColouPop’s Brow Boss Pencil, also a micro pencil. I can’t help but wonder how brands pick shades and what their interpretations are when they put them in order for their line.

heran-park.com Fenty ColourPop
Fenty on Bottom

Since the Brow MVP is a micro pencil, I was curious to see how much product was really in it for $20. My issue with any micro pencil is the lack of product inside. From the outside, you would assume that the mechanical pencil is at least 2/3 full when in reality the tube isn’t even filled half way. This is part of the reason that I don’t mind using traditional brow pencils . More bang for your buck you know?

Fully Extended Fenty Left l ColourPop Right

Our beloved Fenty claims that this brow pencil is supposed to give a natural look and is smudge resistant in ads and description. I agree that it has a natural finish but I didn’t like how muddy and waxy my brows looked after a couple of hours. The formula did not look the same as when I applied it and the hair was no longer tamed in place. If you prefer to fill your brows in fuller like myself please consider lightly setting them with powder for pencils like this one.


Another obvious difference was that Brow MVP comes with a brush head and not the traditional spooly on the end. I remember thinking, “Will this give a better blended effect or will consumers wind up buying this product because it LOOKS different?” I feel like it did help spread the product throughout the hair and make the hair look more uniform initially. I have to be fair and say that it did it’s job but it defeats the purpose if the formula changes throughout the wear.

While I don’t mind doing a little extra work to get products to work for me, I feel like highend products are held at a higher standard for a reason. With spending $20 on a less than half filled tube of product I feel like the formula shouldn’t change dramatically and last. To be clear, I’m not saying that the Brow MVP doesn’t work just that it doesn’t work for me. It clearly goes on well and looks good at first but I probably won’t purchase this pencil again unless they change the formula. I still love Fenty Beauty and plan on trying their new Hydrating Pro Filt’r Foundation next.

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