heran-park.com PURxBarbie Collection Review

Barbie is back! (PUR nailed it!)

PUR Cosmetics decided to celebrate Barbie’s 60th year Anniversary with a sparkling new collection! It’s modern yet classic and can be used by all. I snatched a couple of the gorgeous lipsticks from this Barbie Collection at Ulta Beauty. They were completely sold out of the palettes and highlighters as I expected them to be.

I plan on getting the palette in the future and also the two other lipstick shades that I didn’t get during my first haul. Each products packaging is sparkly as ever and honestly I had to have them for my collection. I tried the shades Legendary and Inspire. There are two more shades that are more on the nude side of the spectrum called Timeless and Classic.

Iconic Lips Signature Lipstick in the shade Inspire
Here’s a list of the products in the PURxBarbie Collection:
  • Barbie Endless Possibilites Pressed Pigment Palette, $34
  • Barbie Doll Lash Pro Eyelashes, $14
  • Barbie Iconic Lips Signature Lipsticks, $18
  • Barbie Glitterally Pink Mask, $20
  • Barbie Dream Glow Highlighter Palette, $25
  • Barbie Classic Gloss, Not Sure
  • Barbie Forever Flawless Brush, $26

All of the products are available on PUR Cosmetics website, Ulta Beauty and some Macy’s locations. For the Gloss, I am not sure of the price on it because at this time, it’s no longer on the PUR Cosmetics site. I have seen it at Ulta in person and aware that it is being sold on HSN as a set along with the Signature Lipsticks.

Here’s a short lip swatch that shows how beautiful the lippies are!

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