Is the Warrior III Palette the same or similar?

Lots of beauty lovers voiced their opinions about how similar the Warrior III looks compared to other Juvia’s Place palettes. Some people immediately wanted to buy it. Others said they wouldn’t because of how similar it looks to the Zulu palette. Some even compared it to some colors in the Masquerade.

heran-park.com Juvias Place Comparison

As you can see, there are some similarities in the way Juvia’s Place picked shades for the Warrior III but these palettes are definitely not the same. Both palettes do have an orange, green, light blue, purple, yellow and red shade. Some of the undertones are different, others have a different finish or are deeper or lighter than the other. I personally think that these two palettes have great potential if used together.

Warrior III & Douce Palettes

The Warrior III has deeper shades than the Zulu in my opinion but equally usable. Both palettes are $20 on the Juvia’s Place website and available at Ulta Beauty. You can compare most of the palettes from this brands line for yourself and choose which is best for you. Here’s a short tutorial of me using the Warrior III in a colorful matte look.

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