The Nomad adds to Fall Fabulousness!

Okaaaaay! So greens are definitely “A THING” for me during Autumn. All summer long we’ve been digging in the Tribe palette from Juvia’s Place so the Nomad was refreshing. Nomad is softer and much more neutral. All JP fans weren’t thrilled about this release but I was!

www.heran-park.com Nomad Juvia's Place
The Nomad Palette

I found these colors extremely easy to work with and the packaging was beautiful as usual. The only thing that I would change about this release is that the shade weren’t named like all of the rest of them. No matter what look I did, all of them came out soft and sultry. My favorite shade is the one right in the center. It’s gorgeous and can be worn a topper to every other shade in this palette.

Here’s a tutorial of it in action!

Here’s few other looks that I created!

www.heran-park.com HP Nomad

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